Why Work with an Interior Designer?

As realtors, we often get asked “house questions” that range from remodeling to landscaping to appliances and even pest control. We are fortunate to have a a network of wonderful professionals to recommend in these cases and the same goes for interior design.

As part of our listing service, we hire a professional interior designer to provide a staging consultation so that your home is showcased in the best way possible when prospective buyers come to see it. When our clients purchase their new home they often will hire our interior designer to help them decorate the new house too!

One of the biggest surprises people find when working with a designer is that they will actually get MORE for the same money they’d spend on their own without a designer because the designer can get the same furniture you love at wholesale pricing. On top of that, you also then get the full design concept, accent pieces, delivery and set-up!

Fox Den Designs is the preferred interior designer for Tucson Living Realty and, in this article, owner Amanda Rademacher shares the reasons why working with a designer will not only save you money but will also provide even better results than doing the project yourself.

Why Hire an Interior Designer, Part 1